Helpful Resources

America's History (Research on the Christian Heritage of America):

  1. Alliance Defense Fund: Defending Our First Liberty
  2. America's Unchristian Beginnings?, by Gregory Koukl
  3. The Founders as Christians
  4. Denominational Affiliations of the Framers of the Constitution
  5. God and America
  6. Christian Heritage Ministries
  7. Wallbuilders: American Historical Events, Founding Fathers, and Historical Documents
  8. The Errant Skeptics Research Institute
  9. The U.S. Constitution Online
  10. The Fifty Five Delegates to the Constitutional Convention
  11. The U.S. State Constitutions
  12. God in the State Constitutions
  13. Benjamin Franklin's letter to Thomas Paine
  14. Brief History of the US Army Chaplain Corps: Chapter 1: Origins of the Chaplaincy
  15. Affidavit in Support of the Ten Commandments, by David Barton (footnoted version)
  16. Affidavit in Support of the Ten Commandments, by David Barton
  17. Annals of Congress
  18. James Madison and Religion in Public
  19. Church in the U.S. Capitol
  20. Treaty of Tripoli
  21. God in Our Nation's Capital

Answering the Occult and the New Age Movement:

  1. CANA Christian Answers For the New Age
  2. Occult Page
  3. The Occult and Occultists in the Ancient and Modern World
  4. The Spirit Watch
  5. The Ancient Root of Pagan Error
  6. Conversations With Which God? Looking at Neale Donald Walsch's Conversations With God, Book One.
  7. There's Something About Conversations With God for Teens
  8. Yoga Dangers
  9. Movie Review: White Noise: Deadly Occult Messages by Ted Baehr (EVP is Exposed as a Form of Spiritualism)
  10. Spirit Contact: Who Is on the Other Side? (Pertains to EVP since EVP is a form of spirit contact)
  11. Alien Encounters Fail the Test
  12. TM, Yoga, & Kundalini Dangers
  13. Christian Information Ministries (CIM)
  14. Satanism: The World of the Occult
  15. Watchman Fellowship
  16. Do Psychics Really Have Mystic Powers?

Apologetics Forums:

  1. Theology Web
  2. Truth Chat
  3. Christian Forums-General Apologetics
  4. General Apologetics and Intelligent Design Discussion at
  5. General Apologetics Forum at Theology Forums
  7. Christians Answer: Apologetics Forum
  8. The Christian Defense: Where Christian Minds Come to Discuss
  9. Challenging Atheism
  10. Christian Boards
  11. Debating Christianity and Religion
  12. God and Science Forums
  13. Science and the Bible at Sword and


  1. Sumerian Artifacts

Attributes of God/God's Nature:

  1. How Should We Define God?

Bibles Online:

  1. Bible Gateway (contains many different translations)
  2. The NET Bible (includes commentary on Biblical passages)
  3. The Unbound Bible
  4. Hebrew-English Old Testament Online
  5. Heartlight's Search God's Word (includes many translations and study tools)
  6. Online Hebrew Interlinear

Biblical Languages Translators Online:

  1. Woodhouse English-Greek Dictionary

Biblical Archaeology:

  1. The Foundation for Biblical Archaeology: Recovering the Biblical Past
  2. Archaeology and the Bible
  3. Footsteps of Paul
  4. Jerusalem Christian Review
  5. Biblical Archaeology Society
  6. The British Museum
  7. Bible
  8. Goliath Found?

Book Reviews:

  1. Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon, by Daniel C. Dennett:'
    1. Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon
    2. THE GOD PROJECT: What the science of religion can’t prove
  2. Challenging the Verdict: A Cross-Examination of Lee Strobel's "The Case for Christ," by Earl Doherty:
    1. Earl Doherty on The Case for Christ: A Critique
  3. Misquoting Jesus: The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why, by Bart D. Ehrman:
    1. Denver Journal
    2. Misanalyzing Text Criticism--Bart Ehrman's 'Misquoting Jesus'
    3. Misunderstanding Christianity: Do Scribal Changes Really Matter and Why?
    4. The Gospel According to Bart, by Daniel B. Wallace, Th.M., Ph.D.
  4. Review of Biblical Literature (Online Scholarly Book Review Resource)
  5. The Bible Fraud, by Tony Bushby:
    1. A Christian Review of The Bible Fraud by Tony Bushby
  6. The Case Against Christianity, by Michael Martin:
    1. The Case Against Christianity: A Summary Critique
  7. The Christ Conspiracy, by Archarya S:
    1. A Refutation of Archarya S' book, The Christ Conspiracy: Part I
    2. A Refutation of Archarya S' book, The Christ Conspiracy: Part II
  8. The Da Vinci Code, by Dan Brown:
    1. A Review and Critique of The Da Vinci Code
    2. Brown's DaVinci Code: Falsehood in Fiction
    3. Did the Church Lie?
  9. The Empty Tomb: Jesus Beyond the Grave, ed. Robert M. Price, Jeffery Jay Lowder:
    1. An Introduction to the CADRE's Response to The Empty Tomb
    2. A Preliminary Review of the Introduction and Chapter 2 of The Empty Tomb, By Jeff G
    3. Chapter 11: Financial Aspects of the Resurrection
      A Review
    4. Is 1 Corinthians 15:3-11 an Interpolation? By Christopher Price
    5. Is Belief in the Resurrection Rational? A Response to Michael Martin
      by Stephen T. Davis
    6. In Defense of the Tomb: A Reply to Jeff Lowder, by Malachi
    7. Our Certainty of Jesus' Resurrection Response to Michael Martin, "Why the Resurrection is Initially Improbable," Philo, 1, no. 1 (Spring-Summer 1998): 63-73.
    8. Reply to Evan Fales: On the Empty Tomb of Jesus, by Dr. William Lane Craig
    9. Richard's Revivals: The Exegetical Absurdity of the "Two Body" Thesis
    10. The Empty Few: Atheists Beyond the Pale
    11. This Joyful Eastertide: A Critical Review of The Empty Tomb (2006)
  10. The God Delusion, by Richard Dawkins:
    1. The Dawkins Confusion
    2. The Dawkins Delusion, by Professor Alister E. McGrath
    3. The God Delusion
    4. Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?: Richard Dawkins' Failed Rebuttal of Natural Theology
  11. The Jesus Dynasty, by James Tabor:
    1. The Jesus Dynasty: How to Explain Away the New Testament, by Dr. Darrell Bock
  12. The Jesus Mysteries, by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy:
    1. The Jesus Mysteries
  13. The Jesus Puzzle, by Earl Doherty:
    1. A Review of Brian Flemming's DVD "The God Who Wasn't There"
    2. Bede's Library: Did Jesus Exist?
    3. 'Fairy Castles Built on Sand, Or, A Most Complex Case of Christ-Myth
    4. Harrumphing Through Christ Myth Land: On Licona vs. Doherty and "The God Who Wasn't There"
    5. Licona Replies to Doherty's Rebuttal
    6. Rose and Rock: My Jesus Puzzle Review at Amazon
    7. Response to Earl Doherty's Top 20 Silences
    8. The God Who Wasn't There: an Analysis, Section 4: Jesus Myth Overview: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, By: GakuseiDon
    9. A Short Review of the Jesus Puzzle
  14. The Pagan Christ: Recovering the Lost Light, by Tom Harpur:
    1. Comment: Was Christ's life based on pagan myths? By W. Ward Gasque
    2. Gullible's Travails: A Critical Look at Tom Harpur's "The Pagan Christ"

Christian Publishers:

  1. Christian Self-Publishing Print-On-Demand Affordable Book Publisher: Xulon Press

College Students Apologetics:

  1. A Place to Discover the Truth
  2. Every
  3. Staying Strong in College
  4. Worldview Academy

Early Christian Writings:

  1. Early Christian Writings: All of Early Christianity: New Testament, Apocrypha, Gnostics, and Church Fathers
  2. Internet Christian Library: Guide to Early Church Documents

Early Church Fathers Writings:

  1. New Advent: The Fathers of the Church
  2. Christian Classics Early Church Fathers Search Engine
  3. "Contra Celsum" ("Against Celsus", written by Origen)

Excellent Bible Research Web Sites:

  1. Bible Research Internet Resources for Students of Scripture
  2. The Biblical Studies Foundation
  3. All-in-One Biblical Resources Search
  4. The Septuagint Online
  5. Biblical Backgrounds
  6. The Original Sources: Papyri, Codices, Etc.

Excellent Seminaries:

  1. Dallas Theological Seminary
  2. Southern Evangelical Seminary

Freemasonry (Cult) Resources:

  1. Ephesians

Free Theology Courses Online:

  1. Biblical Training

General Christian Apologetics Web Sites:

  1. A Christian Think Tank (very informative and thoroughly researched)
  2. Hallway of Questions (part of A Christian Think Tank)
  3. Answering Infidels
  4. Risen Jesus
  5. Tektonics Apologetics Ministries
  6. Facing the Challenge of Our Times
  7. Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry
  8. Stand to Reason
  9. Apologetics Radio Show Web Cast
  10. Bible History Online
  11. Answers in Action
  12. Apologetics Index
  13. Worldview Test Site
  14. Ankerberg Theological Research Institute
  15. The Academy of Christian Apologetics
  16. Come Reason
  17. Leadership University
  18. Clear Through
  20. Douknow?
  21. Institute for Religious Research: Resources for Investigating Today's Competing Religious Claims
  22. Christian Apologetics, Logic in Religious Debate, Christianity Vs. Atheism
  23. Bede's Library: Faith and Reason
  24. In the Word Ministries Frontline Apologetics
  25. Christian Courier: Investigating biblical apologetics, religious doctrines, and ethical issues
  26. Christianity: Truth or Lie?
  28. Rational Christianity
  29. Meekness and Truth Ministries
  31. AIM
  32. Alethuo-Speaking the Truth
  34. The Apologia Project
  35. Reasoning From the Scriptures
  36. CADRE: Christian Colligation of Apologetics Debate Research & Evangelism
  37. Life Way Apologetics
  38. The Bereans Apologetics Research Ministry
  39. Apologetics Press on the World Wide Web
  40. Christian Answers
  41. Christian Information Ministries (CIM)
  42. Peter Kreeft
  43. Apologetics: A Reasoned Defense of Christianity
  44. The Errant Skeptics Research Institute
  45. The Divine Evidence
  46. William Lane Craig Virtual Office
  47. Alex McFarland--The Christian Speaker Who Preached in 50 States in 50 Days
  48. Probe Ministries
  49. The Skeptical Christian
  50. Down to Earth Ministries
  51. International Legacy Institute
  52. Shandon L. Guthrie: Your Source for Defending Christianity
  53. Upon Truth: Objective Truth on the Web
  54. Reasonable Faith with William Lane Craig
  55. Reclaiming the Mind
  56. Deeper Waters
  57. William Lane Craig Audio Debates Free Online
  58. Classic Works of Apologetics

Greek New Testament:

  1. Online Greek New Testament

Historical Jesus:

  1. Ancient Jewish Accounts of Jesus
  2. Christianity: Quest for the Historical Jesus
  3. Did the Bible Lie About Jesus Not Being Married?
  4. Extrabiblical, Non-Christian Witnesses to Jesus before 200 A.D.
  5. Hollywood Hype: The Oscars and Jesus’ Family Tomb, What Do They Share?, by Dr. Darrell Bock
  6. Jesus: A Historical Reconstruction
  7. Jesus-Focused Spirituality
  8. N.T. Wright Page
  9. Other Messiah Claimants
  10. Rediscovering the Historical Jesus: Presuppositions and Pretensions of the Jesus Seminar, by Dr. William Lane Craig
  11. Tertullian Mocks Jewish "Slanders" Made Against Jesus
  12. The Improper application of Statistics in "The Lost Tomb of Jesus", by Stephen Pfann
  13. The Jesus Family Tomb Support Resources
  14. The Jesus Tomb? ‘Titanic’ Talpiot Tomb Theory Sunk from the Start, by Ben Witherington III
  15. The Jewish Roman World of Jesus
  16. Toledoth Yeshu (This is a derogatory version of the life of Jesus, growing out of the response of the Jewish community to Christianity. The tradition presented here is most commonly dated to approximately the 6th century CE. The text it self is closer to the 14th c. )
  17. The Lost Tomb of Jesus: A Response to the Discovery-Channel Documentary directed by James Cameron
  18. Video Debates and Lectures by Dr. Gary R. Habermas
  19. Was Jesus Married?
  20. Who is Jesus?

Intelligent Design:

  1. Discovery Institute (Intelligent Design)
  2. IDEA Center
  3. IDURC
  4. A Mousetrap Defended: Response to Critics
  5. The IDEA Club (Intelligent Design Theory and Resources)
  6. Access Research Network
  7. In Defense of the Irreducibility of the Blood Clotting Cascade: Response to Keith Robinson
  8. Philosophical Objections to Intelligent Design: Response to Critics, By Dr. Michael Behe
  9. Design Inference Web Site: The Writings of William A. Dembski
  10. Still Spinning Just Fine: William A. Dembski's Response to Ken Miller
  11. Hear the Debate on Intelligent Design!
  12. Intelligent Design the Future
  13. Jonathan Wells, author of Icons of Evolution
  14. Watch Intelligent Design Videos Online for Free!


International Society for Krishna Consciousness / Hare Krishnas:

  1. Watchman Fellowship Profile: International Society for Krishna Consciousness / Hare Krishnas



  1. Ergun Caner: Apologetics for the Frontline (Caner is a former Muslim)
  2. Isa al Masih: A Place for Muslims to Learn about Islam and Christianity
  3. Muslim Dreams of Christ
  4. Isa and Muslims (Video)
  5. Koome Ministries (Kamal Saleem is a former Muslim)

Jehovah's Witnesses:

  1. Witnesses for Jesus, Inc.
  2. Behold, I Stand at the Door and Knock: What to Say to Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses When They Knock on Your Door

Jewish Objections Answered (Apologetics):

  1.  Jews for Jesus

Jewish Roots of Early Christianity:

  1. Jewish Roots of Eastern Christian Mysticism

Judaism Research Resources:

  1. Jewish

Libraries Online:

  1. Answers to Questions Based on Biblical and Historical Facts
  2. Harvard Libraries HOLLIS Catalog
  3. Questia-The Online Library of Books and Journals

Mary (at Medjugorje and elsewhere) Apparitions Examined:

  1. Apparitions of the Virgin Mary: A Protestant Look at a Catholic Phenomenon: Part 2 by Kenneth R. Samples

Messianic Prophecies:

  1. Response to Jim Lippard's The Fabulous Prophecies of the Messiah
  2. Response to the Fabulous Prophecies of the Messiah
  3. Making the Case: Messianic Prophecy


  1. A Response to the Claim: "Miracles Were Very Common During the Time of Jesus" at "Christian Think Tank."

Mormonism (Cult of Christianity) Resources:

  1. Reason: Dedicated to Filling in the Missing Pieces of the Mormon History Puzzle
  2. Book of Mormon Problems-Are There Any?
  3. The Mormon Web Ring
  4. Mormon Origins
  5. Rethinking Mormonism
  6. Mormons in Transition
  7. Does Archaeology Support the Book of Mormon?
  8. To Those Who Are Investigating Mormonism
  10. False Prophecies by the LDS Church Leaders
  11. Mormon Church Research Resources
  13. Early Human Migration vs. the Bible and the Book of Mormon (Audio)
  14. Concerned Christians: Bringing the Biblical Jesus to the Latter-day Saints
  15. DNA Research and Mormon scholars Changing Basic Beliefs
  16. Behold, I Stand at the Door and Knock: What to Say to Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses When They Knock on Your Door
  17. TLC Reference Library
  18. Mormonism and the LDS Church
  19. Witnesses for Jesus, Inc.
  20. Joseph Smith's False Prophecies in Context
  21. Mormonism Research Ministry
  22. LDS Books Notes iPhone 3G App Updates

Muslim Dreams/Visions of Jesus:

  1. The Jesus Visions (New)

Mystery Religions Research:

  1. Astrology, the Zodiac, and the Bible
  2. Confronting the Copycat Thesis: A Multi-Essay Examination
  3. The "Copy Cat" Messiah
  4. Good Question......Was Jesus Christ Just a CopyCat Savior Myth?
  5. Krishna Not Equal to Christ
  6. Mystery Religions
  7. Paul and the Mystery Religions
  8. Tongues and the Mystery Religions at Corinth
  9. The Chaldean Magi
  10. Orphic Hymns (site contains material relating to modern-day "Mystery Religions"...the Occult)
  11. Answering More Prime Time Fallacies
  12. Historical and Literary  Studies Pagan, Jewish, and Christian
  13. Was the New Testament Influenced by Pagan Religions?
  14. Krishna and the Claims Made in T.W. Doane's Book
  15. Pagan Origins of Christianity?
  16. Reply to Evan Fales: On the Empty Tomb of Jesus
  17. So, What Do We Know About Cybele/Attis and the Taurobolium?
  18. Christianity and Paganism
  19. Dionysus and Kataragama: Parallel Mystery Cults (discusses a modern-day Mystery Religion)
  20. Justin Martyr's Comments on Parallels between Christianity and the Mystery Religions
  21. Alleged Similarities Between Jesus & Pagan Deities
  22. Pikachu's Obnoxious Christ Mess

Mythology Study Resources:

  1. Encyclopedia Mythica
  2. ODP Myths Directory
  3. The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion
  4. Greek Mythology Online
  5. Classical Myth: The Ancient Sources

Naturalism Critiqued:

  1. Alvin Plantinga's Writings at the Virtual Library of Christian Philosophy

Old Testament Apologetics:

  1. Mosaic Authorship of the Pentateuch?
  2. A Brief Note About the Documentary Hypothesis
  3. Good Questions on JEDP
  4. The Adventures of Tick Dracy: Dismantling the Documentary Hypothesis, by Larry Lee

Reliability of New Testament Documents:

  1. The Reliability of the New Testament Text
  2. The Bible and the Rules of Legal Evidence
  3. Are the Gospels Mythical?
  4. Common Atheist Errors Regarding the New Testament Documents
  5. The New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable--By F.F. Bruce Online Book
  6. Ben Witherington III's Blog
  7. Recent Perspectives on the Reliability of the Gospels, by Dr. Gary R. Habermas(pdf)

Resurrection of Jesus:

  1. Dr. Gary R. Habermas-Online Resource for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ
  2. Answers from Dr. Gary Habermas
  3. Risen Jesus
  4. Dr. Gary Habermas vs. Dr. Antony Flew  Resurrection Debate
  5. Discussion of Jesus' Resurrection Between Mike Licona and Elaine Pagels
  6. Jesus' Resurrection and Christian Origins
  7. N.T. Wright Page
  8. Visions of Jesus: A Critical Assessment of Gerd Lüdemann's Hallucination Hypothesis, by Dr. William Lane Craig
  9. Barker's Blunders: A Response to Dan Barker's "Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?"
  10. Explaining Away Jesus' Resurrection : HALLUCINATION The Recent Revival of THEORIES, by Dr. Gary R. Habermas
  11. Reply to Evan Fales: On the Empty Tomb of Jesus, by Dr. William Lane Craig
  12. Jesus’ Resurrection and Contemporary Criticism: An Apologetic, by Dr. Gary R. Habermas (Part I) (pdf)
  13. Jesus’ Resurrection and Contemporary Criticism: An Apologetic, by Dr. Gary R. Habermas (Part II) (pdf)
  14. Is Reference to the "Twleve" Anachronistic? (In 1 Corinthians 15)
  15. RESURRECTION DODGEBALL (ANOTHER TRUE UNDERDOG STORY): A Critical Review of the Habermas-Licona-Carrier Exchange, By David Wood
  16. The Habermas-Licona-Carrier Discussion: A Review
  17. Do the Resurrection Accounts Hopelessly Contradict One Another?

Science Apologetics:

  1. Reasons to Believe
  2. Human-Chimp Chromosome Comparison (Webcast from Reasons to Believe)
  3. God, Genesis, and the Big Bang
  4. A Critique of PBS’s Evolution
  5. A Scientific Dissent From Darwinism
  6. Research and Reason
  7. Plant Evolution: Adaptation or Historical Accident?
  8. 15 Answers to John Rennie and Scientific American's Nonsense
  9. How Science Correlates with Christianity, atheistic scientism, and New Age Mysticism
  10. Science and Faith
  11. Survival of the Fakest
  12. Origins
  13. Bacteriophage T4 VRML Visualizations (Complex Nature of Viruses)
  14. Answering Objections from Fuz Rana's Talk
  15. Study Shows Plant Respiration Not Just an Evolutionary Left-Over
  16. ISCID
  17. Teleologic
  18. Feathered Dinosaur or Flightless Bird?(Discusses the dinosaur bones found in China)
  19. Cell Intelligence
  20. Counterbalance Foundation
  21. The American Scientific Affiliation
  22. Does God Exist?
  23. Answers in Creation: Bringing the Bible and Science Together Without Conflict
  24. New
  25. Affiliation of Christian Geologists
  26. The Origin of Biological Information and The Higher Taxonomic Categories
  27. Explanation for Human Tails (Audio)
  28. RTB's Speciation Model Summary (Audio)
  29. How Does a Christian Respond to the Multiverse Concept?
  30. What is the Multiverse?
  31. Christians in Science
  32. The Challenge

Scientific Research Resources:

  1. Ask a Scientist
  2. New Scientist SPACE
  3. Astrobiology Web
  4. Science Daily
  5. Daily Science News

Teen Apologetics:

  1. Cross
  2. Sword and Spirit
  3. Worldview Academy

UFO Research Resources (UFOs are Associated with the Occult/New Age):

  1. Alien Encounters Fail the Test

World Religions/Cults Information:

  1. A Comparative Analysis of the Major World Religions From a Christian Perspective
  2. Internet Sacred Text Archive
  4. Christian Information Ministries (CIM)
  5. Watchman Fellowship
  6. Apologetics Index
  7. Religion News Blog

America's History

Answering the Occult and New Age Movement

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Historical Jesus

Intelligent Design

International Society for Krishna Consciousness / Hare Krishnas


Jehovah's Witnesses

Jewish Objections Answered (Apologetics)

Jewish Roots of Early Christianity

Judaism Research Resources

Libraries Online

Mary (at Medjugorje and elsewhere) Apparitions Examined

Messianic Prophecies


Mormonism (Cult of Christianity) Resources

Muslim Dreams/Visions of Jesus

Mystery Religions Research

Mythology Study Resources

Naturalism Critiqued

Old Testament Apologetics

Reliability of New Testament Documents

Resurrection of Jesus

Science Apologetics

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